Re: LDM Problems


>Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 14:36:42 -0400
>From: Jim Koermer <koermer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: ldm-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: LDM Problems

The above message contained the following:

> However, Murphy's Law seems to be ringing true and I've detected new
> problems that I had not encountered before. The first problem is that
> for some reason, I will have duplicate LDM processes running--one set
> owned by ldm (as it should be) and the other set of one or more
> processes owned by root (which should not be the case). I can't find any
> place where root could have started the LDM. When I do get LDM running
> again, I then have to clean up the problem of files created

The LDM is setuid-root, which means that its user-ID will be "root" on
startup.  It immediately sets this to the "ldm" user-ID, however, and
only uses the root user-ID when absolutely necessary (as when obtaining
a restricted port number, for example).  For the overwhelming majority
of the time, the user-ID of the LDM should be "ldm".

Is it possible that your LDM is booted at reboot time?  If so, and
something goes wrong, then you might get LDMs whose user-ID is "root".

> Secondly, over the past 24 hours, I have also had LDM die (no
> processes). I use ldmfail, but that hasn't always seemed to correct the
> problem.

I'm afraid I don't have anything to say about this.

> The final problem is that the normally reliable "ldmadmin stop" command
> does not always seem to be stopping ldm processes, such as, pqing,
> pqexpire, pqinstats, etc.(all owned by ldm), although it was stopping
> the rpc.ldmd processes. Before I noticed this, I had restarted and
> stopped the ldm a few times for some pqact.conf changes and then
> detected several pqing, pqexpire, pqinstats, entries.

I've been working on the LDM just recently.  One of the changes I've
made has been to the "ldmadmin stop" command.  The change will be in the
next release.  I beseech you to hang-on until then.

Steve Emmerson   <>