LDM Problems


Our NWSTG NOAAPORT receiver decided to quit yesterday afternoon, so
we've become dependent upon IDD to fill the void until the receiver is
fixed. I always have the IDD running all the time for possible
contingencies and whenever I check the LDM program and the data
everything seems to be fine.

However, Murphy's Law seems to be ringing true and I've detected new
problems that I had not encountered before. The first problem is that
for some reason, I will have duplicate LDM processes running--one set
owned by ldm (as it should be) and the other set of one or more
processes owned by root (which should not be the case). I can't find any
place where root could have started the LDM. When I do get LDM running
again, I then have to clean up the problem of files created

Secondly, over the past 24 hours, I have also had LDM die (no
processes). I use ldmfail, but that hasn't always seemed to correct the

The final problem is that the normally reliable "ldmadmin stop" command
does not always seem to be stopping ldm processes, such as, pqing,
pqexpire, pqinstats, etc.(all owned by ldm), although it was stopping
the rpc.ldmd processes. Before I noticed this, I had restarted and
stopped the ldm a few times for some pqact.conf changes and then
detected several pqing, pqexpire, pqinstats, entries.

These behaviors seem extremely strange and I can't seem recall ever
seeing the last two--has anyone else noticed anything similar.

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