Re: LDM Problems

Steve Emmerson wrote:
> Jim,
> >Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 14:36:42 -0400
> >From: Jim Koermer <koermer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >To: ldm-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >Subject: LDM Problems
> The above message contained the following:
> > However, Murphy's Law seems to be ringing true and I've detected new
> > problems that I had not encountered before. The first problem is that
> > for some reason, I will have duplicate LDM processes running--one set
> > owned by ldm (as it should be) and the other set of one or more
> > processes owned by root (which should not be the case). I can't find any
> > place where root could have started the LDM. When I do get LDM running
> > again, I then have to clean up the problem of files created
> The LDM is setuid-root, which means that its user-ID will be "root" on
> startup.  It immediately sets this to the "ldm" user-ID, however, and
> only uses the root user-ID when absolutely necessary (as when obtaining
> a restricted port number, for example).  For the overwhelming majority
> of the time, the user-ID of the LDM should be "ldm".
> Is it possible that your LDM is booted at reboot time?  If so, and
> something goes wrong, then you might get LDMs whose user-ID is "root".

LDM is booted at boot time, but this always seems to lead to ldm
processes owned by ldm. I also haven't rebooted for several weeks. I
think the problem was made worse by UIUC being down for two hours and a
backlog of IDD traffic, etc.

> > Secondly, over the past 24 hours, I have also had LDM die (no
> > processes). I use ldmfail, but that hasn't always seemed to correct the
> > problem.
> I'm afraid I don't have anything to say about this.
> > The final problem is that the normally reliable "ldmadmin stop" command
> > does not always seem to be stopping ldm processes, such as, pqing,
> > pqexpire, pqinstats, etc.(all owned by ldm), although it was stopping
> > the rpc.ldmd processes. Before I noticed this, I had restarted and
> > stopped the ldm a few times for some pqact.conf changes and then
> > detected several pqing, pqexpire, pqinstats, entries.
> I've been working on the LDM just recently.  One of the changes I've
> made has been to the "ldmadmin stop" command.  The change will be in the
> next release.  I beseech you to hang-on until then.
> Regards,
> Steve Emmerson   <>

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