Re: ldmadmin check fails in binary ldm-5.2

On Sat, 3 Aug 2002, Rorik Peterson wrote:

> 'ldmadmin check' does not work in some of the binary distributions on
> ldm-5.2.  This is because the first line in 'bin/' is not
> #!@PERL@.  Thus, 'scriptconfig' can't set the location of perl for


You are correct, I don't know how this mistake has been in the LDM release
since ldmcheck was created.  The first line was changed and put into the
ldm5 source ftp directory.  There will probably be a rebuild of the binary
releases so it will make it into them at that time. 

Thanks for noticing the problem,

> 'ldmcheck' when configuring.  '' is actually set to
> #!/usr/local/bin/perl, so this problem only occurs if you don't have perl
> (or a link) at that location.  Unfortunately, 'ldmadmin' does not tell you
> the reason 'ldmcheck' fails.
> If your 'ldmadmin check' returns with no information, simply edit
> line 1 of 'ldmcheck' to the proper location of perl.
> rorik
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