ldmadmin check fails in binary ldm-5.2

'ldmadmin check' does not work in some of the binary distributions on
ldm-5.2.  This is because the first line in 'bin/ldmcheck.in' is not
#!@PERL@.  Thus, 'scriptconfig' can't set the location of perl for
'ldmcheck' when configuring.  'ldmcheck.in' is actually set to
#!/usr/local/bin/perl, so this problem only occurs if you don't have perl
(or a link) at that location.  Unfortunately, 'ldmadmin' does not tell you
the reason 'ldmcheck' fails.

If your 'ldmadmin check' returns with no information, simply edit
line 1 of 'ldmcheck' to the proper location of perl.


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