20020430: IDD site logs

>From: David Knight <knight@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Organization: SUNY Albany
>Keywords: 200204302025.g3UKP6a12516 IDD sitelogs

David, et. al.,

>     In by gone times there was a web page at
>that would let you view ldmd logs at other sites.
>This was very useful to help diagnose data problems.
>Actually, the page still exists, but, most of the
>links go nowhere now.

You are correct.  Updates to the links on the sitelogs.html page has
not been done for quite some time.  The only links that appear to work
are the ones where sites have not changed the location of their log
files and still allow access to them trough their local web server.

>    I wonder if others think it would be a worthwhile
>effort to update this resource?

Like you note, these logs can be useful when troubleshooting IDD
problems.  If IDD sites send us current URLs to their site logs, we
will update the sitelogs.html page.

Tom Yoksas
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