RE: No can do on the new Redhat Kernel...

I tried upgrading from RedHat 7.0 to 7.2... Well, as it turns out, my
small 1.6GB /root/home partition wouldn't hold it all.  This is an old
Win95 system with four 2GB partitions.  The recommendation was 1.5GB for
basic configuration.  So I backed up the critical sections of the
computer and installed from scratch using the whole 8GB drive rather
than all these partitions.

The install went smooth and I'm up and running.  One major point... If
your using X windows (Gnome/KDE desktop), you need more than 64MB of
RAM. It recommends 96MB. My system is 64MB and its swapping like crazy
when I try to do stuff.  I guess I'm going to go out and look for

I moved the LDM 5.1.3 compiled under RH 7.0 over the 7.2.  Remember 7.0
used the old 2.2 kernel.  I started the LDM and its crunching away
without a hitch and without a recompile.  Of course, I'm not feeding the
world, nor am I taking the full NOAAPORT feed, just FOS, Difax and radar
mosaics. So it might not be a fair comparison.  But so far so good.

Soon, I will be pushing more NOAAPORT data at it for a stress test.

Daniel Vietor               Mail: devo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Unisys Corp                 Title: Engineer/Meteorologist
221 Gale Lane               Phone: 610-925-5206
Kennett Square PA 19348     Fax: 610-925-5215

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