Re: No can do on the new Redhat Kernel...

With apologies to the list...

Dan Vietor wrote:
> I tried upgrading from RedHat 7.0 to 7.2... Well, as it turns out, my
> small 1.6GB /root/home partition wouldn't hold it all.  This is an old
> Win95 system with four 2GB partitions.  The recommendation was 1.5GB for
> basic configuration.  So I backed up the critical sections of the
> computer and installed from scratch using the whole 8GB drive rather
> than all these partitions.

There are benefits to blowing RH 7.0 away.  That was a problem. 
Further, however, if you don't need all the toys in a "standard" RH
installation, select custom, select specific packages you want for your
install (I'm assuming they're pretty obvious; in most cases I can see,
you're either already Linux-literate, or Unix-literate, and should be
able to grok the package names and descriptions.

That'd save space, and if you're working on a box that's going to be
pretty heavily loaded, one shouldn't have all the overhead.
> The install went smooth and I'm up and running.  One major point... If
> your using X windows (Gnome/KDE desktop), you need more than 64MB of
> RAM. It recommends 96MB. My system is 64MB and its swapping like crazy
> when I try to do stuff.  I guess I'm going to go out and look for
> memory!

There are lighter-weight window managers than Gnome and KDE.  They're
not at flashy, but TWM and MWM work pretty well.  
> I moved the LDM 5.1.3 compiled under RH 7.0 over the 7.2.  Remember 7.0
> used the old 2.2 kernel.  I started the LDM and its crunching away
> without a hitch and without a recompile.  Of course, I'm not feeding the
> world, nor am I taking the full NOAAPORT feed, just FOS, Difax and radar
> mosaics. So it might not be a fair comparison.  But so far so good.
> Soon, I will be pushing more NOAAPORT data at it for a stress test.

Be looking forward to the reports.

Gerry Creager
AATLT/Network Engineering
Texas A&M University
979.458.4020 (Phone)            979.847.8578 (FAX)

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