RE: No can do on the new Redhat Kernel...


That makes perfect sense.  We only install security patches on Solaris
and very few others (like Xsun patches on workstations).  It just
seems to me that even new production versions of RedHat seem to break
as if they are always sneaking something in without a whole lot
of regard for binary compatibility.  I know SunOS/Solaris in it's
early years had some bugs, but for the last several years I can't
imagine a Solaris upgrade that would start breaking Unidata-type things.

That being said, I have also come to realize that no matter what I may
think, the world is rushing headlong towards Linux.  Is there a distribution
out there that is more conservative in it's approach to binary

Although it may be a little too exotic, I am also going to look at FreeBSD
upon the recommendation of Tom Yoksas.  We are certainly not going
to get away from Solaris, but it is clear I need to broaden my horizons
so to speak.

Robert Mullenax

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