RE: debate over Linux and Solaris

WOW. Dan, can you send that to Wired or PC Magazine or something as an
editorial? My goodness, I'm reading this saying, 'yes, yes, YES!'.

I couldn't agree with any of this more. When I used Solaris several years
ago, we didn't have the 8GB partition problem. But, OTOH, yes, Linux
bugfixes can be frustrating; but on the other hand, I have never had a
problem with my website. I do agree Linux is slower than Solaris---hands
down by 10%+. But then again, it can still do so much more than a Solaris
box...and much more cheaply. And as Dan said, trying to find help? Unless
you're a Solaris guru, good luck. I saw that first hand with our old
Geography dept. admin. Things haven't improved, and that's not good for
the future of Solaris and related products. I can still say while Linux
may not be the greatest OS in the world (dunno what is, don't care)...the
most important thing is that it is very good, and still improving, in
general. I do wish they would stop piling on add-ons that you don't
need...but I think that options will also come to pass in future
versions. 3rd party software? Give me Redhat for everything weather and a
Windows box to type up my forecast on an Excel spreadsheet.

I think we can we all agree, though, that Solaris and Linux toast Windows
95-98-2000 out of the water! Let's see THAT OS handle a 4 channel
NOAAport feed! :-)

Anyway, we'll find out tonight how stable Anne's patches are to the LDM,
but from what I can gather, the thing that was making my machine crash is
no longer interfering with my machine. But, until a good patch can be
released, don't upgrade to RedHat 7.1 yet. BTW, McIDAS under 7.1 works
fine, except my ADDE server suddenly stopped working from those people
trying to get data from me. I think it's back up again...will check.

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