Re: debate over Linux and Solaris

I think your last paragraph says it all to one of my points..
I have a Solaris box that has the original Unidata apps from
1998..the box has run 2.6, 7 and now 8 and never has 
anything broke with the upgrades.  The cost thing
about Linux is completely a non-issue anymore.  You can
download Solaris for free now.  All the gcc tools
are there..Cost is the same.

We definitely agree on our dislike for Windows.  I truly
cringed when I saw McIDAS-X for NT.  I am very glad to see
that Tom is not supporting it fully yet..I think that's
a bad path for met departments to go down.  

Anyway..that's enough for that.  I got out my propganda.

Robert Mullenax

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