Re: [idvusers] IDV Applet?

Hi Bill
> First on my list would be the ability to simulate the probe display. I would
> like to drag a probe over a map and have a graph adjust to the values at the 
> new
> location.
> Second on my list would be the ability to animate a map display, with
> "controls" for speed, frame omission, etc.

As you may be aware, both of these are already available using the
FlAniS applet (see
<>).  Of
course, you have to generate the images first and provide a suitable
colortable, complete with "calibration" information.

One of the conceptual hurdles here is that the IDV display is
displaying the actual data [via the VisAD library] and not just an
image (gif, jpg, png, etc), so the "probe" is simply looking at the
display (data) values.  That's why the FlAniS example, above, needs a
"calibration" table.  If one wants to display the data, it means that
the values must be delivered to the "applet" (I'm using that term to
be an application that runs in a web browser -- now often called a
"web-app" or "WebApp") for display and probing.  It also means that
the web-app needs to have all the rendering code (plot values,
contours, filling, surfaces, etc.) built in.

> Third on my list would be the ability to use a globe display, not just a
> flat map display.

I'm not even sure why people still use the flat-map displays ;-)


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