Re: [idvusers] IDV Applet?


I have often wished that an IDV display could be viewed in a web browser
with all the interactivity present in the IDV. A Java Applet is one way this
could be done.

My suggestion is different than Pauls, if I'm not missing something. Paul
seems to suggest a Java Applet that would be almost a completely functional IDV,
while I am suggesting an Applet that would just present and manipulate an
IDV display. Perhaps, after a display is created in the IDV, it could be saved
as an Applet (similar to saving a bundle, image, or movie) ?

Bill Fingerhut

On 5/20/2013 12:41 AM, Paul Graham wrote:
Hi Everyone,

It would be great to use IDV as a Java Applet, but given that Java Applets
have fallen out of favour in recent years and most up-to-date browsers
block them, due to security issues, I wondered if it might be possible to
develop a Javascript version of the IDV based on something like WebGL?  It
is interesting to note that EarthGL: , has an IDV-like globe
display, but I think the data is served up via WMS rather than being
directly read-in from netcdf or grib files.

So perhaps this is more a question to IDV developers: are there any plans
to develop an applet-like IDV that could be run in a web browser?


Paul Graham
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