Re: [idvusers] Naïve Question: How to use ISL to create multiple images from Image Data Set?

> OK.  I get it, except for one thing...
> What do I use for the file attribute in the setfiles line?
> (<setfiles datasource=".*" file="/data/image${imageIdx}.dat"/>)
> In my .xidv bundle I load 10 satellite images stored as 10 McIDAS Area
> Files in, let's call it, ${mydatadirectory}.  Do I loop through those 10
> data files as part of the setfiles directive?  In ${mydatadirectory} the 10
> McIDAS Area Files are named something like:
The ISL script I sent loads one image at a time. You can use the setfiles
with the fileset tag to specify multiple files:

      <setfiles datasource=".*">