[idvusers] Ldm Satellite images on IDV...

Hello All,
 ( We are a ldm site ...)
 We want to use idv to display satellite images from our ldm site..
 locally, the images are located in the directory ...

 ldm/gempak/images/sat/GOES-12/4km/(VIS IR WV) ...

 I have opened that files in this way:

 data choosers-> files -> I'm feel lucky -> (choose the file..)
 then a small window : Select data source type...

 -> Images from ADDE server -> .. (image opened ok)

 But we have some problems ....

 a- When I try to load more than one image at the same time, IDV said:
     Do not know how to handle the given data ...

 b- When I load the images one by one... I can't animate the set ..

 May be not for this mailing list, but anyway.. :
 How I can define a "image server", that IDV can read, from our local ldm
 site  ????
 how I can convert the ldm satellite images to some format that IDV can
 read directly ?

 Any idea ?
 Any hint ?

 Rodrigo S. O.
 DGF, U. de Chile