Re: [idvusers] Ldm Satellite images on IDV...

Hello Rodrigo...

There are a few possibilities.  First, you could install an OpenADDE
server on your computer where the AREA files are and use that with the
IDV's "Image" chooser (directed a "localhost").  Setup is a bit
laborious, depending on the Operating System.

Another approach would be to use the IDV's built-in formula "Make a
time sequence from single time grids/images".  I believe this is
available in the current beta release of version 2.4.  With this, you
would first use the Data Chooser to select your files, and then in the
Field Selector pick this formula (under the Miscellaneous category)
and select an appropriate display (Imager or PlanView).  When you
click "Create Display", you will then be asked to create a list of the
data you want to put into your sequence.

There may be other ways, but these two come to mind first.

Best regards,


On Nov 20, 2007 1:33 PM, Rodrigo Sanchez <rodrigo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello All,
>  ( We are a ldm site ...)
>  We want to use idv to display satellite images from our ldm site..
>  locally, the images are located in the directory ...
>  ldm/gempak/images/sat/GOES-12/4km/(VIS IR WV) ...
>  I have opened that files in this way:
>  data choosers-> files -> I'm feel lucky -> (choose the file..)
>  then a small window : Select data source type...
>  -> Images from ADDE server -> .. (image opened ok)
>  But we have some problems ....
>  a- When I try to load more than one image at the same time, IDV said:
>      Do not know how to handle the given data ...
>  b- When I load the images one by one... I can't animate the set ..
>  questions...
>  May be not for this mailing list, but anyway.. :
>  How I can define a "image server", that IDV can read, from our local ldm
>  site  ????
>  how I can convert the ldm satellite images to some format that IDV can
>  read directly ?
>  Any idea ?
>  Any hint ?
>  Rodrigo S. O.
>  DGF, U. de Chile
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