Re: [idvusers] Ldm Satellite images on IDV...

Hi Rodrigo-

Rodrigo Sanchez wrote:
Hello All,
 ( We are a ldm site ...)
 We want to use idv to display satellite images from our ldm site..
 locally, the images are located in the directory ...

 ldm/gempak/images/sat/GOES-12/4km/(VIS IR WV) ...

 I have opened that files in this way:

 data choosers-> files -> I'm feel lucky -> (choose the file..)
 then a small window : Select data source type...

If these are the McIDAS AREA files (UNIWISC feed), set the Data
Source Type to McIDAS AREA files.  You should be able to load
more than one image at a time.  If they are the GINI images,
then we don't support  multiple images at this time.

 -> Images from ADDE server -> .. (image opened ok)

This is the preferred way.

 But we have some problems ....

 a- When I try to load more than one image at the same time, IDV said:
     Do not know how to handle the given data ...

 b- When I load the images one by one... I can't animate the set ..

In IDV 2.4b2, there is a formula "Make a time sequence from single time grids/images" under the Miscellaneous group that allows you to animate
a set of single time images.  However, your best bet would be
set up an ADDE server (see below).

 May be not for this mailing list, but anyway.. :
 How I can define a "image server", that IDV can read, from our local ldm
 site  ????

Since you are a university site, you could have Unidata help you set
up an ADDE server to serve up the GINI and AREA files.  Send a note to
support-mcidas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  for help.

 how I can convert the ldm satellite images to some format that IDV can
 read directly ?

The IDV can read either format, but has better luck with the AREA files.

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