Re: Ram Usage

Well I finally ordered a new motherboard and cpu combo for my aging
machine. It was getting to the point where larger idv bundles were
dying in mid process due to lack of ram.

Nothing special (on a tight budget), but I have an AMD 2.0ghz with
1.5gb ram on way. That is a lot more processing power than my aging
Duron 850mhz with 512mb ram!

Hopefully I will be able to enjoy IDV without it locking up halfway
through a bundle!!


On 2/19/07, Tom Whittaker <tomw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Robert...

On 2/18/07, Robert Reed <polarlow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just a couple of questions regarding ram usage, and I guess cpu too.

I'll see if I can answer.

> I`m running IDV on a fairly old windows XP desktop, with 850mhz cpu
> and 512mb ram.
> I know I`m pushing the limits with that setup, but I wanted to get a
> feel for IDV, the scripting etc before shelling out the funds for an
> upgrade.

Yes, you are running in a "limited" setup, so don't expect to be able to do much
with images, in particular.  And things will possibly run a bit slow.

> One thing I did notice, even while IDV or the GUI was not doing
> anything, the ram down in the bottom left was constantly climbing
> eventually hitting the ceiling. Is there a memory leak of some kind or
> is this just normal?

This is not normal.

You are looking at the far left of the 3 numbers?  What had  you done
up until then?  And what version of the IDV are you using?  And how
long does it take before hitting the ceiling?

> Also, I could do with some recommendations about running IDV and
> scripts via batch files on a windows server (like windows 2003). To be
> comfortable without running the risk of IDV dying during a
> batch/script process, what kind of ram and cpu specs should I need. I
> don`t want to spend a fortune of dual core processors etc if it not
> needed however!

I would say that memory is more of an issue that CPU for you.
Obviously, you need to get enough CPU -- but 2GHz should be enough.  I
would get at least 2GB of memory.....

Hope that helps.


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