Ram Usage

Just a couple of questions regarding ram usage, and I guess cpu too.

I`m running IDV on a fairly old windows XP desktop, with 850mhz cpu
and 512mb ram.

I know I`m pushing the limits with that setup, but I wanted to get a
feel for IDV, the scripting etc before shelling out the funds for an

One thing I did notice, even while IDV or the GUI was not doing
anything, the ram down in the bottom left was constantly climbing
eventually hitting the ceiling. Is there a memory leak of some kind or
is this just normal?

Also, I could do with some recommendations about running IDV and
scripts via batch files on a windows server (like windows 2003). To be
comfortable without running the risk of IDV dying during a
batch/script process, what kind of ram and cpu specs should I need. I
don`t want to spend a fortune of dual core processors etc if it not
needed however!