[gembud] 20180111: Displaying GOES-16 Data

Hi Guys,

On 01/11/2018 01:40 PM, Mullenax, Robert R. (WFF-820.0)[ORBITAL SCIENCES CORPORATION] wrote:
I was going to try that when I return from the Ice, wasn't sure it would work.

This brings up a good question in my mind: does GEMPAK support the Fixed
Grid projection that is used for all products distributed in the GRB
(GOES ReBroadcast)?   If not, McIDAS can remap the images into
projections supported by GEMPAK, but this would entail some loss of

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services - Amazon's cloud.  All GOES-16 data has been moved
up to AWS since the satellite was turned on.

If anyone is not on the ldm-users email list, please be aware that we
are distributing ALL of the GOES-16 imagery and products we are
receiving here in UCAR.  The imagery and products are under the DIFAX
feed type, but this will be renamed to SATELLITE in an upcoming
LDM release (while keeping DIFAX as a secondary name, of course).

A much bigger question for the community as a whole is if there is
a desire for us (Unidata) to distribute GOES-16 imagery in a format
that is readily usable by GEMPAK (e.g., AREA, NOT GINI!)?  If the
answer is yes, what sectors are of interest (NB: not all bands!!).
We have been discussing using McIDAS to turn the NOAAPort-delivered
SCMI netCDF4 images into McIDAS AREAs and providing them in a
satellite image based feed type like UNIWISC, NIMAGE, or possibly



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Using mcidas, you can make area files using the GOES-16 netcdf files, if you use the data that's on AWS.

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Display of GOES-16 isn't supported in GEMPAK according to the link Unidata sent out the other day. Only McIDAS-X, McIDAS-V, IDV, and AWIPS2.

It is something I will have to tackle here in a few weeks myself as we haven't moved to AWIPS2. I would assume that with GEMPAK not being developed anymore at NCEP (AFAIK) that it would be difficult for Unidata to tackle that likely big task, but maybe Michael can chime in on that.

Robert Mullenax

Please note new email address: robert.r.mullenax@xxxxxxxx
Robert Mullenax
Senior Principal Meteorologist, Orbital ATK/CSBF
1510 E. FM 3224
Palestine, Texas 75802
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Hi Gembuds,

I am successfully ingesting the GOES-16 data but am having difficulty displaying it.  I’m assuming I probably have to run it through (or perhaps create) some kind of decoder.  Has anyone had success that might be able to provide a few pointers?


- Phil Birnie
Ohio State University, Dept of Geography Volunteer

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