Re: [gembud] Executables Not Working

On 05/20/2012 09:02 PM, Mac Simms wrote:
> Okay, I think I was using the terminal correctly. I simply did ./nmap2
> in the folder containing the files. When I did, I got this message:
> Fatal Error: error in reading GRID table mod res.tbl
> From ./ntl, I got this:
> Fatal Error: cannot find resource file (Ntop)

It doesn't sound like you have your environment set up correctly.


Read the bottom section, specifically the Runtime Configuration and make
sure you have the Gemenviron.profile edited and placed in your $HOME
(also known as ~/) folder appropriately.

I think you're trying to run before you walk so you should look up some
information on .bashrc and bash_profile to get the gist of what's going
on and how Linux environments work. The Gemenviron.profile should
similarly be moved to $HOME/.Gemenviron.profile and then I source it
using your $HOME/.bashrc file.

*IF* you happen to be using csh I'd be surprised, most default setups
come with bash now-a-days.

Now you may ask why I knew this or how I interpreted it. The Error
message says it cannot open the table 'res.tbl' which is normally one of
a few things.
1) Permissions, you're not allowed to
2) Doesn't exist
2.1) Doesn't exist which masquerades as cannot find it or not where you
think it is

In your case, since you claim to have gone thru all the steps I'm
guessing you did not setup your Environment because the program will use
variables in your environment to find your tables and data paths. So if
you closed your shell the way you said, and never re-enabled your
Environment I think that will be the solution.

If not then there's some deeper issue and we would need a look at your
make logs. But I'd say this is a pretty good starting point for someone
new to linux.

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