[gembud] Executables Not Working

Hi, gembud. Your mailing list link wasn't working, so I figured I'd try and
just email you directly.

I have VMware Player with CentOS 6. I recently installed GEMPAK 6.6.0 this
evening, following all steps and procedures. I finished the last command,
make programs_gf. Afterwords, the terminal flow stopped, and it waited for
a new command. Since that was the last step on the list, I left the
terminal, clicking "close terminal" when I got the warning window.

I went to GEMPAK 6.6.0/os/linux64/bin and tried to execute nmap2. I double
clicked the icon, nothing happened. Tried ntl. Nothing. I'm not sure what I
did wrong, as I followed all the steps to the letter. If there is any way
to get these applications to start running, it would be greatly appreciated.

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