[gembud] gif image creator code

   I need to make a ton of gifs from N-AWIPS/gempak data.  However, N-AWIPS
as it appears to me can only save one image at a time  (File>Export to Gif>
Export to File: "filename").  Is there a simple way (or code) that can allow
me to save x amount of gempak files into GIF images?  So for instance:

   The directory of the gempak data
   IR_19870928_2045   IR_19870929_0445
   IR_19870928_2145   IR_19870929_0545  ...

   I like to save each of these into individual gif files.  Using a few
steps in the N-AWIPS GUI or using a piece of code.
   IR_19870928_2045.gif   IR_19870929_0445.gif ...

   Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

*Michael Kevin Hernández*
    Penn State University:  Master of Science in Meteorology
    *University of Miami*:    Bachelor of Science in Meteorology & Applied
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