Re: [gembud] gif image creator code

Hi Mike - not with the NMAP2 GUI, but you can if you write a script using 
"gpmap". (Loop through the sat files of interest and use gpmap to convert 
the images to gif).


From:   Michael Kevin Hernandez <mkh182@xxxxxxx>
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Date:   04/27/2011 02:14 PM
Subject:        [gembud] gif image creator code
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   I need to make a ton of gifs from N-AWIPS/gempak data.  However, 
N-AWIPS as it appears to me can only save one image at a time 
 (File>Export to Gif> Export to File: "filename").  Is there a simple way 
(or code) that can allow me to save x amount of gempak files into GIF 
images?  So for instance:
   The directory of the gempak data
   IR_19870928_2045   IR_19870929_0445
   IR_19870928_2145   IR_19870929_0545  ...
   I like to save each of these into individual gif files.  Using a few 
steps in the N-AWIPS GUI or using a piece of code.
   IR_19870928_2045.gif   IR_19870929_0445.gif ...

   Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

Michael Kevin Hernández 
    Penn State University:  Master of Science in Meteorology    
    University of Miami:    Bachelor of Science in Meteorology & Applied 
Mathematics     _______________________________________________
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