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Hi Michael,

If you're just generating GIFS from satellite data (I presume these files are in McIDAS area format), run the interactive GEMPAK command line program "gpmap" and enter the name of the satellite file as your input for SATFIL (be sure PROJ = SAT). Then you should be able to easily set up a script to run through all the gif generations.

If you've never run GEMPAK programs before, and only used the NMAP2 GUI, you should spend some time on Unidata's web site reading the documentation and tutorials for GEMPAK.


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On 04/27/2011 05:28 PM, Michael Kevin Hernandez wrote:
I need to make a ton of gifs from N-AWIPS/gempak data. However, N-AWIPS as it appears to me can only save one image at a time (File>Export to Gif> Export to File: "filename"). Is there a simple way (or code) that can allow me to save x amount of gempak files into GIF images? So for instance:

   The directory of the gempak data
   IR_19870928_2045   IR_19870929_0445
   IR_19870928_2145   IR_19870929_0545  ...

I like to save each of these into individual gif files. Using a few steps in the N-AWIPS GUI or using a piece of code.
   IR_19870928_2045.gif   IR_19870929_0445.gif ...

   Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

*Michael Kevin Hernández*
Penn State University:  Master of Science in Meteorology
*University of Miami*: Bachelor of Science in Meteorology & Applied Mathematics

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