Re: [gembud] SPF file Issues

Hi Charley,

Might the # of distinct grid date/times (GDATTIM's) have changed (increased) in your individual grid files when the problem started? As best as I can tell, when nmap2 reads in a GEMPAK gridded d data file, it loads all the individual GDATTIM's into a string variable called "moslst". This character is limited to 1024 characters. For a typical NCEP model grid file, each distinct time, plus the separating semicolon, is 16 characters, thus 64 distinct GDATTIM's would fit. Given that, I wouldn't expect this to be the problem in your case, unless you are perhaps combining each day's model runs into one file.

I ran into the above problem when trying to create spf files for the national grid mosaic, which I store in daily files. I ended up recompiling GEMPAK with moslst increased to 16384 characters in $NAWIPS/gempak/source/programs/gui/nmap2/nmap_sfpw.c to deal with that issue.

Hope maybe this helps . . .


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Charley Knoderer wrote:

NMap will allow me to select these sources manually. It even lets me save out to a new spf file. When I go to restore that file, I get the same message shown below.

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