Re: Creating a sfc data file


Thanks - setting sffsrc=blank was the trick.


jimmyc@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

It worked for me. I would reove the surface file source = TEXT
sffsrc= TEXT <-dont do this, leave it blank
That should work ... I have attached the profiler.gem file I created.
try using sflist to verify that it worked.

On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, David Novak wrote:

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for your time...well, one last try...

I've attached the station table (profilertbl.txt), station data (profilerdata18z.txt), pack file (profiler.pack), the text commands used to run sfcfil (sfcfil.txt), and the gempak file that was created with these settings (profiler.gem).

I then ran sfedit, the text commands and attendant error shown in that attachment error.txt

Are you able to reproduce this error?


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