Re: Creating a sfc data file

Hi Dave,

You might try changing the TIMSTN parameter, since I think that is the number of additional stations you can add to the file once its created. Try setting TIMSTN to 50/50, and then you might be able to add the additional station information and times to the file.


David Novak wrote:
Hi Daryl,

Here's my sfcfil settings...


Daryl Herzmann wrote:

On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, David Novak wrote:


I am trying to create/populate a surface data file. I have used sfcfil to create the empty .gem file, and I have an ascii text file with the station data. However, when I run sfedit I get the following errors:

[SFEDIT -8]  Parameter HOUR is not in the data set.
[SFEDIT -8]  Parameter DRCT is not in the data set.
[SFEDIT -8]  Parameter SKNT is not in the data set.
[SFEDIT -9]  SFEDIT cannot continue with invalid parameters.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I've attached the station table I used, the data file, and the error messages.

Good morning,

What did you use set as 'SFPRMF' for sfcfil? If you created a parameter file, can you include that here?



gempak@sac1-> sfcfil
 SFOUTF    Output surface file               profiler.gem
 SFPRMF    Surface parameter packing file    
 STNFIL    Station information file          profilertbl.txt
 SHIPFL    Ship data file flag               NO
 TIMSTN    Times/additional stations         1/0
 SFFSRC    Surface file source               TEXT

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