Unidata Users Committee Meeting Summary

12-13 March
Boulder, Colorado

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Action Items/Resolutions


Jim Steenburgh, Univ of Utah, Chair

UPC Staff:


Elen Cutrim, Western Michigan Univ

Steve Chiswell

Charles Graves, St Louis Univ Ethan Davis

Anton Kruger, Univ of Iowa

Ben Domenico

Mark Laufersweiler, Univ of Oklahoma

Emily Doremire

Michael Morgan, Univ of Wisc-Madison

Steve Emmerson

Donna Tucker, Univ of Kansas

Joanne Graham

Michael Voss, San Jose State Univ Jo Hansen


Linda Miller

Don Murray

Mohan Ramamurthy


Russ Rew

Jeff Weber

Special Guest:

Anne Wilson

Jack Fellows, Director, UCAR Office of Programs

Tom Yoksas











Policy Committee Report - Jim Steenburgh

Resolution 1: The Users Committee recommends to the Policy Committee that the Users Committee continues to meet twice per year, with the option of holding a 3rd Users Committee meeting during summer workshop years.

UCAR/NCAR Realignment - Jack Fellows

Jack Fellows was invited to the Users Committee meeting to provide an overview and update of the NCAR Realignment activities. Following are bulletted items covered during his discussion, including Users Committee comments.

Resolution 2 (revised and passed unanimously-30 Mar 04): The Users Committee believes that the Unidata community would benefit from enhanced interactions between Unidata and NCAR and encourages the Policy Committee to work with UCAR to create ways, such as an opportunity fund initiative, to improve such interactions. The Users Committee, however, has strong concerns about more dramatic changes, such as a merger of NCAR and UOP.

Director's Report - Mohan Ramamurthy

Floater Discussion-Tom Yoksas, all

Millersville, which has been managing the radar and satellite floaters everyday for years asked that the Users Committee and Unidata query the usage and necessity of the floaters. They do not receive many community requests, and wondered about the value of the floaters. A message was sent to the community, to which three or four comments were received. It appears that the radar floater can be eliminated, but the satellite floater should remain. The UPC can assist the community to create their own satellite floater and how to create their own l km Vis.

Action 1: As soon as possible, the UPC will provide a 30 day notice and ultimately delete the radar floater from LDM feed. It will also prepare users for the ultimate removal of the satellite floater. Removal of the satellite floater will be considered at the next Users Committee meeting.

Status Report Summaries
Case Studies - Weber, Ho
GEMPAK - Chiswell
IDV Development- Murray
IDD-LDM - Chiswell, Emmerson, Schmidt, Weber, Yoksas
McIDAS - Yoksas
NLDM - Wilson
NetCDF - Rew/Hartnett
SuomiNet - Weber
Equipment Grants - Graham
Plaza Web Portal - Graham
THREDDS - Domenico/Caron
o Approaches to Environmental Data Analysis and Display
External Liaison - Miller
Support -Yoksas/Rew

DeSouza Award-All

Agreement that community members and Unidata staff are allowed to make nominations for the DeSouza Award. The solicitation for nominations will be sent earlier this year; the first announcement will be done in June, the second announcement will be sent in September, after Labor Day. The Users Committee agreed that nominations from the previous year will be carried over to the current year for consideration.

COMET's CALMet (6th International Conference on Computer-Aided Learning and Distance Learning in Meteorology) - Joe Lamos

Improving Community Input-All

The Users Committee provided overviews of their community contacts.

Action 2: The Users Committee recommends that the UPC evaluate and, if desirable, implement the use of mailing list digests similar to that used for the netCDF mailing list.

Action 3: The Users Committee recommends that the UPC develop a monthly e-magazine (“e-zine”) as a method of educating and informing the Unidata community of new or recent activities and info-items.

AMS BAMS articles - Jo Hansen, Mark Laufersweiler, Michael Morgan and Anton Kruger

Message in a bottle alludes to the next workshop; information to pass on to the next planning group.

BAMS article-task force had set aggressive timeline for submission of the group of articles. Five out of seven contributors have sent draft articles. The article is a suite of articles to be published in BAMS. Contributors are:

CONDUIT & CRAFT - Jim Steenburgh, Steve Chiswell, Linda Miller

CONDUIT and CRAFT are merging into one planning group, C2. The group met during the AMS Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA. Discussion issues included the idea of distributing NDFD grids via CONDUIT. It was determined that it is not feasible at this time. See the C2 link for additional information on the meeting. If interested, community members should subscribe to the C2 email list to stay apprised of the activities associated with CONDUIT and CRAFT. To subscribe, use MajorDomo.

General Discussion:

Action 4: Mark Laufersweiler will contact Peter Neilley and, if possible, put his Weather program on the Unidata G-Forge site.

Action 5: The Users Committee will perform another round of community outreach to three member universities per committee member. In addition to open discussion concerning Unidata support and activities, committee members are to collect a list of as many Unidata users as possible from each institution (including contact information), solicit information concerning how Unidata can better communicate with end users, and type up summary notes for the UPC.

A spring Workshop will be held at Millersville from 3-5 June 2004 and will be hosted by Rich Clark and Dave Fitzgerald. Organizers include:

The workshop will feature the IDV. Limit focus of workshop to things to be tied to a common environment. Another important goal is for the community to get together to discuss what they are doing at their sites. Half day devoted to IDV, but the remainder of workshop should be devoted to other activities that are similar, i.e., “birds of a feather”.

Action 6: The Users Committee, UPC, & Millersville University will hold a users conference featuring the IDV and use of Unidata technology in the classroom on 6-8 June 2004. An organizing committee has been established to help organize the workshop.

Action 7: Solicitations for the DeSouza Award will be conducted in June, followed by a reminder around Labor Day.

[Internal Committee Action : Elen Cutrim will cook for the next Users Committee meeting. Jim Steenburgh will look into free seafood! Get chef’s hat. Linda Miller will provide house. Tom Yoksas will supply beer.]

Linda Miller,
External Liaison, Unidata
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
P.O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307-3000
303-497-8646 fax: 303-497-8690