Status Report
March 1, 2004
Equipment Awards

As of 3/1/2004 we have ten equipment award proposals in house.   One is international.  The equipment awards panel will meet on March 10th to make recommendations for this years’ awards.  There are six panelists.  Award decisions will be announced after final award terms are agreed upon.

The total pool for this year’s awards is up to $100K.


The awards for FY2003 were distributed as follows:

University Name

Proposal Title

Funded Cost including OH

University at Albany

Replacement Hardware for NLDN and IDD.

 $  20,742.02

Metropolitan State College of Denver

Server and Laptop Upgrade.

 $    8,631.59

Northern Illinois University

Upgrading Computer Resources for the NIU Weather Office

 $    5,895.00

University of Missouri-Columbia

Increasing The Computing Capability and Accessibility to Unidata Software in the Atmospheric Science Program at University of Missouri-Columbia

 $  13,100.00

University of Northern Iowa

Unidata Relay Node at the University of  Northern Iowa

 $  10,122.71

City College of CUNY

Upgrade of a Geosciences Computer Laboratory.

 $    9,170.00

Saint Louis University

To Update Computing Hardware at Saint Louis University to More Fully Participate in Unidata Activities. 

 $  13,427.50

George Mason University

Earth Data Exchange Portal (EDEP).

 $  15,065.00

Millersville University

Facilitating Education, Research, and Community through Utilization of Unidata Resources.

 $  10,873.00

South Dakota State University

Establishment of a Unidata Site and Workstation Pool for Meteorological Edu.

 $  11,790.00

St. Cloud State University

Server/Client Solution for a Meteorological

 $  12,402.20

University of South Florida

Enhancing Anyalysis and Visualization Capability in meteorology and Related Geosciences

 $  10,873.00

Universidad de Buenos Aires

Departmento de Ciencias de la Atmosferea y los Oceanos

 $  12,707.00

Western Michigan University

Meteorology Laboratory Computer Upgrading for Teaching Science Education, Aviation and Geography Majors and Minors

 $    8,908.00



Fourteen of sixteen proposals were funded at some level.  Of those funded the total request amount was $267K. 

More funding was available in FY03 because we had funding FY02 for these awards, but we didn’t have approval from NSF at the time to carry them out.