OPeNDAP/DODS Status Report - March 2004

Yuan Ho
Ethan Davis

OPeNDAP/DODS and Unidata

Unidata's involvement in the OPeNDAP/DODS project lies mainly in user support, developer support, and release engineering. As a project that focuses on protocols and software for accessing distributed data, OPeNDAP/DODS project fits into endeavor 5 ("Distributed, organized collections of digital material") and endeavor 6 ("Improved data access infrastructure") of the Unidata 2008 proposal.

Unidata's support role to the OPeNDAP/DODS community falls into Unidata 2008 endeavor 2 (Comprehensive Support Services, [Data services, systems, and tools]"). Endeavor 1 ("Responding to a broader and more diverse community" ) is also relavent due to the OPeNDAP/DODS communities extent beyond Unidata's traditional community.


Yuan Ho
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