Unidata Users Committee Meeting

September 17, 2012
Unidata Program Center
FL4-Room 1201
Boulder, Colorado

Committee Member List
Member Resource Page
September 2012 Staff Status Reports
Users Committee Meeting Summary – April 2012
Users Committee Action Items – April 2012
New Member Orientation Agenda
Acronym List


1:00 Welcome - Mohan Ramamurthy, Tom Whittaker (retiring Chair), Kevin Tyle (new Chair)

Administrative Items

1:30 Status Reports


2:30 CONDUIT Report  - Scott Jacobs, NCEP substituting for Becky Cosgrove, NCEP

3:00 Break

3:30 Summer Workshop follow up

4:00 DeSouza Award

  • Community announcement
  • Nomination Form
  • DeSouza Award recipient will provide a short presentation and attend the spring Users Committee meeting

4:15 Blue Sky Discussion

4:45 Miscellaneous topics

5:00 Adjourn

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