Status Report: March - September 2012

Steve Emmerson, Mike Schmidt, Tom Yoksas

Strategic Focus Areas

The LDM group's activities support Unidata's strategic goals in the following ways:

  1. Enable widespread, efficient access to geoscience data
    The LDM powers the Unidata Internet Data Distribution (IDD) system.
  2. Provide cyberinfrastructure leadership in data discovery, access, and use
    The LDM allows sites to move data in their own environments.
  3. Build, support, and advocate for the diverse geoscience community
    The LDM is used by countries outside the US.

Activities Since the Last Status Report

Upstream LDM Database

A database of upstream LDM processes is being added to the LDM system in response to an accidental denial-of-service situation at the UPC (a downstream site mistakenly generated a massive number of downstream LDM processes that all requested the same data. This caused the LDM system at the UPC to reject connections from other, legitimate downstream sites.)

This feature will also allow a site to easily see what data it is sending to which downstream sites.

Official Code-Repository on GitHub

The official code-repository for the LDM has been moved to GitHub.

Planned Activities

Ongoing Activities

We plan to continue the following activies:

  • Support LDM users
    • Email, phone, etc.
    • Training workshops
  • Incrementally improve the LDM as necessary
  • Incorporate additional AWIPS-II-related changes into the LDM
  • Update table-driven decoding of GRIB products as necessary

New Activities

We plan to organize or take part in the following:

  • Release version 6.11 (with upstream LDM database) ASAP.