Status Report: September - 2012

Sean Arms
Mohan Ramamurthy
Jeff Weber

Strategic Focus Areas

The ACADIS group's work supports the following Unidata funding proposal focus areas:

  • Enable widespread, efficient access to geoscience data
    The ACADIS Data Portal is creating an effective way to access Arctic data
  • Develop and provide open-source tools for effective use of geoscience data
    Unidata is creating an ASCII to netCDF translation tool that will allow a large amount of Arctic data to be translated to netCDF CF
  • Provide cyberinfrastructure leadership in data discovery, access, and use
    ACADIS is an exemplar for data portals
  • Build, support, and advocate for the diverse geoscience community
    ACADIS continues to champion useful access to data holdings

Activities Since the Last Status Report

  • CADIS has become ACADIS and additional NSF funding has been granted for four additional years.
  • The new Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (ACADIS) is a joint effort by the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), UNIDATA, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) to provide data archival, preservation and access for all projects funded by NSF's Arctic Science Program (ARC). ACADIS builds on the CADIS project that supported the Arctic Observing Network (AON). This portal will continue to be a gateway for AON data and is being expanded to include all NSF ARC data.

  • CADIS -> ACADIS Ongoing Activities

    We plan to continue the following activies:

    • ASCII to netCDF transformations
    • IDV visualizations

    ASCII to netCDF Utility

  • Unidata is developing an ASCII to netCDF CF1.6 translator
  • The application will be available for broader use to the entire Unidata community
  • IDV visualization of the ACADIS data will benefit from this effort

  • New Opportunities

  • ACADIS is working towards providing Data Management Plan strategies for NSF proposals
  • Please see: Word document

    Relevant Metrics

  • ACADIS now holds metadata and data, or metadata alone (with link to external data), for about 30 AON projects
  • ~30,000 files
  • ~125 Gigabytes

  • ACADIS Home Page
  • Prepared September 2012