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Unidata Program Center Welcomes John Leeman

John Leeman

John Leeman joined the Unidata Program Center software development team on January 30th, 2017. John obtained bachelor's degrees in meteorology and geophysics from the University of Oklahoma in 2012, and a PhD in geoscience from Penn State in 2017. He has worked in research fields ranging from gas hydrate thermodynamics to SODAR and boundary layer instrumentation, and did his doctoral work in earthquake physics. John's software development experience includes work on the seafloor process simulator at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and telemetry analysis tools for NASA's Morpheus lunar lander project. The common thread amongst all of these projects was “the development of new tools and software to attack previously intractable problems.”

As a researcher himself, John brings first-hand knowledge of how scientists want to interact with their research tools to Unidata. He joined the Unidata Program Center because, he says, “making well tested and reliable tools with which to conduct reproducible science is probably the largest challenge and most needed area of innovation in research today.”

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Unidata Program Center Welcomes Matt Perna

Matt Perna
Matt Perna

Matthew Perna joined the Unidata Program Center (UPC) team on June 6th of 2016 as a systems administrator. A native New Yorker, he moved to Fort Collins, CO from Long Island, NY in April, 2016.

Matt attended the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University before he earned his first Microsoft Systems Engineer (MCSE) in 1998. Since then, he has accrued 21 certifications for Microsoft system engineering.

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Welcome Communications Intern Larissa Gordon

Larissa Gordon
Larissa Gordon

Larissa Gordon joined the Unidata Program Center as a summer communication intern on March 14th, 2016. Larissa has just completed her Bachelor's degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in Evolutionary Biology; she also earned minors in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science and Creative Writing, Fiction Studies.

Her primary interest in her undergraduate career was the interaction between biota and climate, specifically in a marine environment.

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Unidata Program Center Welcomes Tom Hollingshead

Tom Hollingshead
Tom Hollingshead

Tom Hollingshead joined the Unidata Program Center as a System Administrator on July 30, 2015. He's built up a wide-ranging set of technical skills over more than 20 years in the field, ranging from systems administration of Linux and Windows servers to information security, network administration, and virtualization technologies. While he's new to Unidata, Tom is well acquainted with UCAR's Community Programs (UCP) — he spent nearly two years working as a systems administrator for the GLOBE program in 2012-2013.

It hasn't been just a succession of office buildings, though. “My first technical skills were acquired in the U.S. Navy where I worked on a short range, self-defense missile system on an aircraft carrier,” says Tom. He also spent a couple of years San Jose, Costa Rica, working for Intel.

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Unidata Program Center Welcomes Inken Purvis

Inken Purvis
Inken Purvis

The Unidata Program Center is pleased to welcome Inken Purvis to our staff. Inken joined us as an Administrative Assistant on March 2, 2015; she'll be the Program Center's new Travel Coordinator, among other administrative duties.

Prior to coming to the UPC, Inken has worked in a variety of marketing and administrative roles in the financial services, publishing, and (most recently) pharmaceutical sectors. Her experience doing meeting support, event planning, and travel arrangement fills an obvious need here at the Program Center, but that's just a beginning.

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