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Re: Thredds - Grib2 Collection Indexing as Independent Task

> 2. change
>   <collection 
> spec="/thredds02/cf_reanalysis/**/ocnh[0-9]{2}\.gdas\.[0-9]{10}\.grb2" 
> recheckAfter="5 min" olderThan="5 min"/>
> to
>   <collection 
> spec="/thredds02/cf_reanalysis/**/ocnh[0-9]{2}\.gdas\.[0-9]{10}\.grb2" />

sorry, that should be

spec="/thredds02/cf_reanalysis/**/ocnh[0-9]{2}\.gdas\.[0-9]{10}\.grb2" />
 <update startup="true"/>

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