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[THREDDS #RWR-766708]: thredds web context

Hi Brad,

> We are running a local thredds instance.
> http://www.csiro.au/thredds/catalog/SouthEsk/48_18_147.750_-41.500_.3/catalog.html?dataset=SouthEsk/48_18_147.750_-41.500_.3/llgfs48_18_147.750_-41.500_.3.20100811.1800.nc
> This is working fine.
> I had originally intended to run this using a slightly different web
> context http://www.csiro.au/sesnorweb/thredds I attempted to change the
> name of the war file and, also tried changing web .xml to ensure that
> the relative URLs were OK.  However, I have found that on the page above
> (and all pages like it) it appears that the context has been hard coded
> for the links to OPENDAP and HTTP Server.  I am not if it would also
> affect the use of the viewers.

The TDS requires a few additional configuration changes before a change of 
context path will succeed. There is some detail on that in the "Running 
Multiple TDS on one Tomcat Instance" section of the TDS Reference Document:


We should be able to simplify this when we upgrade the TDS system requirements 
to include Tomcat 6.0 (Servlet 2.5 is the key in this particular situation). 
But for now, this somewhat awkward configuration is required to change the 
context path.

We don't have much experience with multi-level context paths. There has been at 
least one user attempting this by using Apache to proxy requests to Tomcat. 
(I'm not sure about the success of that attempt.)

It sounds like you are doing something like renaming the .war file to 
"sensorweb#thredds.war" which I gather from some posts ([1][2]) is supported by 
Tomcat. (Not sure if that is pretty standard across servlet containers or not.) 
Is this what you attempted?

Let us know how it goes.


[2] http://marc.info/?l=tomcat-user&m=112810415108499&w=3

> Cheers
> Brad

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