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Re: [thredds] Aggregating over mixed file types

Roy Mendelssohn wrote:
Hi All:

An interesting question came up today about aggregating over mixed file types.  
If i have a series of netcdf3 files that are aggregated over time, and then 
start adding to that directory netcdf4 files that are just a continuation of 
the aggregation for new times, can THREDDS aggregate over the entire collection?

The ability to do so would be a major incentive to switch to netcdf4, because it would not break our existing netcdf3 files nor having to do the tedious process of translating hundreds of thousands of files.
this should work fine if the files stay identical in their metadata, eg if you took an existing program and relinked it with netcdf-4, but left everything else (except compression/chunking) the same. Should be an interesting experiment!

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