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Re: [uaf_tech] Next UAF telcon: June 10th, 12:30pm EDT

On 6/10/2010 10:18 AM, Steve Hankin wrote:
Hi John,

Thanks for weighing in. Helpful. Since you ended in "Not sure if I covered all the issues", can we touch back to see what this says about the original issue that Rich raised.

The choice to have TDS translate
      <duration>7 days</duration>
      Start: 2010-06-03 12:04:57Z
      End: 2010-06-10 12:04:57Z
      Duration: 7 days
has implications for data discovery services and crawling.  While the first encoding ("present" with a duration) remains true when new files are added to the underlying aggregation, the second encoding has to be altered or it becomes out of date.   Does Unidata envision that metadata harvesters will ping these datasets on a regular basis to get the updated information?  Is there (or should there be) metadata in the THREDDS catalog to tell crawlers which datasets require periodic pinging and at what frequency?  Is RAMADDA sensitive to these issues?  In short, what are your thoughts on the data discovery process for datasets that extend to "the present"?

Hi Steve:

Good questions that i obviously havent thought all the way through. Data Discovery should want the first form, since then theres no need to refresh the actual interval. What Data Discovery tools do you want to use?

Im sorry I dont know what ramadda does, but we could post the question to the ramadda email group.

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