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Re: [THREDDS #XIG-399067]: default colorScaleRange for WMS within theTDS?

Jon Blower wrote:
Hi all,

The colour scale range is set per-variable, not per-dataset.  The only
sensible way I can see for a sysadmin to configure this accurately would
be within the TDS catalog in NcML, for example:

<variable name="temp">
    <attribute name="defaltColorScaleRange" value="-5.0 35.0"/>

(If we agreed on a syntax for this it would be an easy change in the WMS
code I think.)

It might also be possible to provide a global set of defaults per CF
standard name in a configuration file for variables that don't define a
range explicitly.

What do others think?



1. what does ncWms currently do for default? Use data min/max?

2. Rich, what would a hand-configured option typically do?


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