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[THREDDS #LQO-454850]: customizing catalogs

Hi Bob,

Though the question is about the generated HTML pages, I'm going to answer for 
both the catalog XML and the generated HTML pages.

For the catalog XML responses, any element (from a non-THREDDS XML namespace) 
can be included (or URL referenced) in any THREDDS dataset/metadata element. 
For example:

<dataset ...>
  <metadata xmlns:my="http://my/namespace";>
    <my:coolTag ...>...</my:coolTag>

I'm forgetting how the above is represented in our generated HTML pages. Though 
I'm quite sure it isn't as HTML meta tags. If you are interested in the 
details, I can take a closer look.

There are a few ways to customize the TDS generated HTML pages. However, the 
available customizations are not currently very extensive and I can't think of 
a way to add HTML meta tags. Here are the two things that are supported:

1) In the content/thredds/threddsConfig.xml file, there is or can be an 
<htmlSetup> element. The child elements can be modified to change the CSS 
documents and various icons that are used in the HTML pages.

There's more info on the threddsConfig.xml file at


2) By default, all the generated HTML pages include one of the following CSS 

- "http://server/thredds/tds.css";
- "http://server/thredds/tdsCat.css";

The CSS documents used can be changed in the threddsConfig.xml file mentioned 
above. Or site specific "tds.css" and "tdsCat.css" files can be placed in the 
content/thredds/public/ directory. (Icons and other non-catalog files can be 
served from that directory as well.)

I'm not well-versed in CSS but I believe you should be able to use the CSS 
documents to include some extra content in the displayed HTML. Though I don't 
think you can add meta tags to the HTML <head> element.


> I received a question from one of our ESG collaborators:
> " ... the issue has been raised that all NASA web sites must have NASA
> metatags identifying the web site manager, etc.   There are some here
> who believe that this requirement must apply to the page generated by
> '_http://*nodehost/thredds/_'.   This page appears to be generated by
> the thredds web application, so it is not clear how one would add
> metatags to it.   Can you give any suggestions?"
> Is it possible to customize the catalogs with meta tags?
> Thanks,
> Bob

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