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[THREDDS #QNQ-559947]: Ncml at reinit

Hi Jonathan,

There was an email on the netcdf-java email list today that is relevant to 
selecting parts of a netCDF file to use in an aggregation. The capability isn't 
available but it is already in the works. The 4.0 release mentioned is targeted 
for January or so with an alpha or beta release in December. I know your 
timeline is short so not sure this will help.

I'm including the text of the email below. You can join, browse, and search the 
list here:



From: John Caron
Subject: Re: [netcdf-java] ncML logicalView

Sorry for the delay:

Yes, you need logicalView, yes, i removed because it was broken.

I will try to reimplement for 4.0 release.

Roland Schweitzer wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I have some data which I am aggregating (using a joinNew) in the record 
> > dimension (i.e. the time dimension).  The data are on a 4-D grid with 
> > several levels in Z.  I would like to serve only one of the Z levels.  I 
> > think this is what ncML calls a logicalView, but as far as I can tell 
> > this is not yet implemented.  Am I right that logicalView is the 
> > solution to this problem and that it is still not available?  Any status 
> > info available on this capability?
> > 
> > Roland

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