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Re: Might you have an example?

Daniel Holloway wrote:

Hi John,

I'm working on a specialized server that converts geo- referenced coverages, originating from a WCS, onto a DAP response. I'm trying to make my responses CF compliant which for simple georectified coverages seems straightforward. What I want to be able to handle is how to represent non-georectified coverages, those that might require an 2D coordinate axis variable. In CF this is done with auxiliary coordinate variables, I think, my question is do you have any NetCDF examples of how that would be represented, both with the shape of the variables and any attribution that your current CDM uses. From that I could craft what I think the DAP response will need to be. If you don't that's fine I thought you might have something like this lying around as part of your use cases for the CDM.

     Thanks, and no problem if you don't have such a beast...


Hi Dan:

Im not sure if i have a good examples for you.

If you go into the individual datasets on the motherlode server (http://motherlode.ucar.edu:8080/thredds/) each NCEP model dataset gets returned in CF format, either through opendap or as a netcdf file. you could have a look at those as examples. Most are on a projection, and the lat,lon variables would be 2D, though i dont usually include them.

Im not sure if those will be helpful or not.

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