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THREDDS server aggregation capabilities for forecast output

Hi John (Caron),

Here's a "blue sky" request for you: a capability of the THREDDS server that is particularly relevant to Unidata's community of atmospheric scientists. (Also a natural complement to IDD.)

Operational forecasting shops produce an on-going sequence of forecast time series. If netCDF is used for output then typically each file starts at some Z0 (initial state estimate) and proceeds by some time increment out to an arbitrary end point for the forecast. (Sometimes there are initial hindcast/spin-up time steps included, too).

There are many instances where we'd like to aggregate this sequence of files to produce a single, clean time series. Most commonly this would require taking the Z0 time step of all of the files except the last (the current forecast); and appending all of the time steps from the last. There are variations on this theme. For example the skill of a forecast can easily be viewed by looking at a time series that shows the very same forecasted date/time, as estimated over time: 3 days ago; 2 days ago, yesterday, today -- the same time axis as the preceding example, but a different aggregation.

Are aggregations of this sort on your list of future capabilities for the THREDDS server?

   - steve


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