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Frederique Blanc wrote:
I do not know the information to your question but since I am interested in the answer, I forward your e-mail to John Caron. He is the best one to answer this issue.

best regards

At 18:42 23/08/2005, Alberto Troccoli wrote:

Hello Frederique,

  Many thanks for the info and the document on DODS.
  They are very useful.

  We recently installed a DODS/Aggregation Server here at ECMWF
  for the ENACT results (for now). If I understand correctly from
  John Caron/s excerpt, the Aggregation Server is going to be
  superseded. Do you know whether there is going to be back
  compatibility? And will tools be available for the move from
  the  Aggregation Server to the new server configuration?

Thank you
Best regards

PS For people in cc, the document referred to below is:


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Hi Alberto, Frederique, et al:

The Aggregation Server (AS) will eventually be superceeded by the Thredds Data Server (TDS), which is currently in beta test. The AS is no longer being developed, and only major bugs will be fixed. After the TDS has aggregation capabilities, the AS will no longer be supported.

Its unlikely that the TDS catalogs will be backwards compatible with the current AS configuration files. Part of the problem with the AS, as you've probably discoverd, is that its configuration files are hard to create and maintain, and we plan to improve that wherever possible. It may be straightforward to use XSLT or a perl script to translate from the AS to the TDS. However, that is not known for sure. For these reasons I reccommend that people not pour huge time into the AS now, unless they also have the resources to convert.

Im hoping to have the TDS be able to replace the AS by the end of the year, but I'm afraid I can't make any promises. The TDS is a major development effort by Unidata and I'm confident it will be worth your time investment in the long run.


John Caron

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