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AGU special sessions on Earth and Space Science Informatics

Hello THREDDS colleagues,

Many of you are already aware of the new AGU permanent focus group on Earth and Space Science Informatics.  The AGU created it after the success of last year's special focus sessions on cyberinfrastructure topics  There were several excellent THREDDS-related presentations last year, so I encourage you to continue the tradition and submit abstracts to one of the may relevant subsessions that have been proposed for this year's Fall (December) AGU meeting:

1. Earth and Space Science Informatics General Contributions

2. Intelligent and Adaptive Systems for Data Collection, Processing, and Knowledge Discovery

3. Emerging Better, or Best, Practices for Distributed Data Systems and Virtual Observatories

4. Frontiers in Remote Sensing and Space-Based Earth System Observations

5. Emerging Technology for Environmental Sensor Networks

6. Advances and trends in Biogeophysical, Ecological, and Related Data Collection, Analysis, Archiving, and Distribution

7. Building a Global Geoscience Cyberinfrastructure: International Collaboration in Geoinformatics

8. Transforming Geoscience Access Through Standards Implementation

9. Web-based Service Oriented Earth Science 

10. Ontologies for Earth and Space Sciences

11. Community Approaches to Data Sharing

12. Statistical Treatment of Analytical and Synthetic Data in Earth Sciences: Moving From the Qualitative to the Quantitative

13. Analysis and Representation of Geophysical Data on the Sphere

14. Data Fusion

15. Multidisciplinary Global Modeling -- Moving Towards the Really Big Picture

16. Visualization of Large Data Sets in Earth Space Sciences

It's clear that THREDDS work is relevant to several of these sessions.  There's a general description of the ESSI with more detail about the subsessions at:


The deadline for online abstracts is September 8th.  Abstracts can be submitted at the AGU web site:


This would be a good place to let our colleagues know about the work going on in the THREDDS community.

-- Ben

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