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Re: JDOM Parsing error

John Caron wrote:

> I am more or less ready to start thinking about catalog version 0.7.  If
> I understand what you are thinking, you want to provide the same
> functionality as dodsdir ? Can you give specifics of that?

No, actually the current InvCatalog-0.6 provides the same
functionality as dods-dir, (and we have a working prototype
for replacing dods-dir with a capability of returning thredds
catalogs.  All that remains is defining the request syntax that
the servers will recognize as requesting a thredds inventory
response.)   The issue is that dods-dir is of limited value
because all it provides is a simple listing of filenames.

What I'm looking for is more in line with what the existing
dods fileservers provide,  that  is a set of queriable search
variables or parameters which uniquely identify a data
granule within the catalog.   For all intents and purposes
there isn't any difference between the fileservers for our
image archives and the AggServer configuration files for
the same datasets (at least for our type 1 aggregations).
The  only difference is the encoding of the information, the
information itself is identical.


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