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[python #NAQ-102319]: How to pull GLM data through Siphon without a fixed URL


So the next release of siphon (overdue at this point) will have the ability to 
use a custom regex and string parsing format, so this will do what you want:

    from siphon.catalog import TDSCatalog
    from datetime import datetime, timedelta

    cat = 
    dt = datetime(2020, 8, 2, 16, 45)
    cat.datasets.filter_time_nearest(dt, regex='_s(?P<strptime>\d{13})', 

You can get that today if you install siphon from master with:

  pip install git+git://github.com/Unidata/address@hidden

Alternatively, you can loop over all the datasets in the catalog and filter 
just like the function above does:

    import re

    regex = re.compile('_s(?P<strptime>\d{13})')
    min_diff = float('inf')
    closest_ds = ''
    for ds in cat.datasets:
        match = regex.search(ds)
        if match:
            diff = datetime.strptime(match.groupdict()['strptime'], 
'%Y%j%H%M%S') - dt
            if abs(diff.total_seconds()) < min_diff:
                min_diff = abs(diff.total_seconds())
                closest_ds = ds

Hope this helps,


> Hi UCAR folks,
> I'm trying to pull GLM data from this THREDDS link:
> https://thredds.ucar.edu/thredds/catalog/satellite/goes/east/products/GeostationaryLightningMapper/CONUS/20200719/catalog.html
> .
> I usually just code up a url string and feed it into TDSCatalog(url), but
> the urls for the GLM are not predictable. In the last part of the string
> (starting with "c"), the seconds change each time. (It seems like on this
> particular day, the seconds vary between about 32 and 39.)
> Is there a good way to pull the desired file by just the start "s" and end
> "e" minute and second, sort of treating the last part of the string like a
> wildcard?
> I've attached a snippet of what I'm trying so far using a list of possible
> urls and a try/except, but 1) I don't think I'm using try & excepts
> correctly and 2) even if I am, there has to be a better way than this,
> right?
> Thanks!
> Ryan
> --
> Ryan Connelly
> Meteorologist
> NWS WFO Marquette, MI

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