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[python #TDC-837426]: mpcalc.wind_components questions


I've never dealt with plotting topography, and there's no built-in 
functionality in CartoPy that I'm aware of. A quick google did reveal this:


They seem to have a variety of datasets, though I'm not sure how one would plot 
any of them.

On the wind barbs, unfortunately the circle is hard-coded since that's the only 
symbols I've ever seen used for calm winds:


I believe the point of them being circles is so that they fit around the sky 
cover circles.


> Ryan,
> I'm still looking for some kind of high resolution topographic map I could
> use, so let me know if you have ideas for that. The main problem is the
> area is really small; only Santa Barbara county. See attached.
> Now I've got another question related to this surface plot. Is it possible
> to plot a different symbol for zero wind speed? I see there's
> fill_empty=True to us fill circles instead, but is it possible to use a
> completely different symbol? I find this a bit confusing since the circles
> are usually referencing the cloud cover.

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