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[python #NMB-445318]: pygrib installing question on Windows


Well, it'd be as easy as:

conda build -m .ci_support/win_c_compilervs2015cxx_compilervs2015vc14.yaml 

...but that would have conda set up a build environment, which if I recall is 
part of the problem. I'm not aware of any resources that outline what would 
take place under the hood of conda build. I mean, you could look at the output 
here to see what steps are going on:


But that seems...hard to replicate.

Could you download and manually extract the parts of the package you need from:




> Thank you for the clarification!
> Do you know of a good resource to walk through building eccodes from the 
> conda-forge feedstock recipe? I think that's the only step I'm still unsure 
> of.
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> Hi,
> So I ended up down a rabbit hole trying to understand this myself--I think I 
> grok it now, but regardless I'm happy to help.
> First, you want eccodes installed to build pygrib--and that's only the 
> compiled library, you don't need any eccodes python bindings/packages. 
> Depending on what kind of GRIB you're trying to work with, you may needed to 
> compile *eccodes* with openjpeg or PNG support.
> After that, you should be able to build PyGRIB, which only needs to be 
> pointed at eccodes (I think). To build on Windows, you'll need a minor change 
> to setup.py to work on windows; this is only available on the Git master 
> branch of PyGrib:
> https://github.com/jswhit/pygrib/commit/eaa218fc602392cbd2c9294b6abfc0a0edbd447d
> That was all I needed to get it building and seemingly working. I should note 
> that I have not built eccodes from source myself, but have relied on 
> conda-forge's recipe and build infrastructure to handle that:
> https://github.com/conda-forge/eccodes-feedstock
> Hope this helps,
> Ryan

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